Brand launch

RC&M’s exclusive brand launch solutions ensure that your brand makes the best first impression. The brand launch idea is to make money from the first day of entering the market.

Customer Acquisition

RC&M provides numerous capabilities to support wider customer acquisition to give you long-term profitability impact. Whether it is about connecting with consumers in absolute media-dark areas in remote Indian villages or interacting with evolved and exposed target, we specialize in customizing the mediums and the message.

Sales Channel Development

Creating newer channels, strengthening existing channels and sprucing them up to be in line with CIP, we have gained substantial ground in the ‘retail/distribution building segment’. We partner clients in their expansion spree and help them in identifying alternate distribution channels.

Regain Market Share

Exploring technicalities, strengthening internal R&D, facilitating communication of complicated product benefits through innovative and out of box activation, we intellectualize plans to set your company towards a newer and more profitable direction.


We create business strategies that blend in with your corporate social responsibly to deliver long-term benefits for your brand as well as the society

New Market development

We enable you to identify, explore and validate new market opportunities for your brand. By doing the ground research, we allow you to focus on expanding your organization.

Product Seeding

We act as a buzz-simulating tool to heighten the interest of your customer for your brand through product seeding expertise. This further creates brand loyalty and advocacy which further leads to conversions.

Product Sampling

We familiarize your potential customer with your product to help gain their consideration by offering a product experience before purchase through promotional product sampling.

Customer Relationship Management

We help gain insight into the behavior of customer and develop a stronger relationship with them so that you find, entice, and win new customers and at the same time retain the existing ones.

Alternate Sales Channels

We provide alternate sales channel solutions so that your partners can easily leverage their market positions to achieve faster and deeper penetration for sales.

Retail Facelift

We give your brand the competitive edge so that the image you are trying to develop, matches your product quality and presentation. This boost ensures that your image makeover makes a statement for your brand at your retail outlet.